Consulting Services

As a biomedical engineer having rich experience in research, design and product development, I provide a number of services that can help you and your organization reach its goals:

  • Designing virtual reality environments, simulations or games in Unity 3D.
  • Designing and building custom equipment for physiological measurements, motion tracking and behavioral response.
  • Designing test environments and pilot studies for scientific experiments.
  • Developing Labview simulations to acquire data, visualize and process simultaneously.
  • Generating Matlab codes for data processing and statistical analysis.
  • Remodeling and upgrading existing system to suit custom needs including hardware and software.
  • Building and redesigning the Human Eye blink apparatus for Rutgers University.
  • Designing Virtual Reality environments for stroke training, games and simulations.
  • Integrating robots such as Cyber Glove, Cyber Grasp with motion tracking systems such as Nest of Birds and Flock of Birds system to provide a seamless transfer of data from reality into the virtual world.
  • Designing a physics engines to control the objects of the virtual reality world that can be manipulated with required robots to ensure a more realistic experience.

Platforms used : Unity, MATLAB, 3dsMax, LABVIEW, C++ and robotics API

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